Ama Clutch was Galinda's Ama or chaperone. She appears in the novel exclusively.

Background Information

Ama Clutch seems to have been Glinda's caretaker for her whole life and is sent by Glinda's parents to chaperone her at Crage Hall. However, she sets on a nail and requests leave to get treatment for lockjaw. This leaves Glinda unrepresented at school, meaning she must room with Elphaba. Clutch doesn't seem to mind Elphaba's skin and happily chaperones both girls. In an attempt to get Elphaba away, Glinda claims Clutch has a brain injury that causes her to think inanimate objects are real. This would later come back to haunt her.

One night, Clutch notices something while looking out of a window and goes to check. She then witnesses Grommetik killing Dr. Dillamond at Madame Morrible's orders. To prevent her from telling, Morrible casts a spell which gives Clutch the disease Glinda made up for her. This leaves her unable to perform her duties. Glinda is able to break the spell and learn the truth of Dillamond's death, but Clutch dies and is buried after a small ceremony.

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