• EdwardJacobBella

    Menzel vs Block

    March 30, 2020 by EdwardJacobBella

    As most of you know Idina Menzel is the orignal Elphaba for Broadway and London's West End, while Stephanie J. Block was the orignal Elphaba for the 1st National Tour. But you don't know, unless you have read Wicked The Grimmerie, is that Stephaine J. Block read for Elphaba in the early workshops while Wicked was being developed before Joe Mantello came onborad as director.

    So I have decided to compare the two of them. You will see a clip of both of two performing Defying Gravity.

    First up - Idina Menzel

    This is from when she was in London's West End. This is the whole song so I would skip to about 5:43.

    Finally - Stephanie J. Block

    Now I have no idea where this was from.

    In my opinion, both do an amazing job with performing Elphaba.

    So what do y…

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  • Harry Vallet

    I've made a page on Wicked Wiki if anyone else wanna put more costume designs on it, because here's what I put so far.

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  • EdwardJacobBella

    Here is another comparison of Defying Gravity.


    Jessica Vosk and Hannah Corneau are on it, and also the person I saw my very first time seeing Wicked, Alice Feran, but it isn't very single person who has played Elphaba. Don't worry there are some very familiar faces, including Idina Menzel herself.

    Just like the first video, it is a mixutre of visual and sound clips, so I do apologise for the quailty of some of them.

    There are two Elphabas who doesn't sing in English, and they are Danna Paola and Viviana Barrera.

    Caissie Levy's name is spelt wrong, there is a "I" missing, so is Donna Vivino's name, there is an extra "N", so is Mamie Paris, there is an extra "S", so is Jennifer DiNoia's name, there is an "E" instead of an "I", and so is Chri…

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  • EdwardJacobBella

    Here is a video I found on YouTube comparing different Elphabas in Defying Gravity.


    This video was posted early March 2015, so it is the Elphabas up until that point.

    Not all of them are English speaking.

    It is a mixture of visal and audio clips. The quilaty of some of the clips are not very good, so I apolosie for them.

    Idina Menzel's name is written wrong, I believe on purpose because how John Travolta said her name at the Oscars.

    One of them doesn't have her name displayed, so if any of you know who it is let me know.

    EdwardJacobBella (talk) 14:58, January 10, 2020 (UTC)

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  • Cstoczyn


    January 6, 2020 by Cstoczyn

    Hi, What's Up? Cstoczyn (talk) 21:48, January 6, 2020 (UTC)

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  • EdwardJacobBella

    How many of you have noticed that there are some actors that were or are in Frozen, have also been in Wicked. Here is a list of them and the role they played in both. For the Wicked ones, I will say when and what company it was.

    Note: Idina Menzel will not be included, she may have played both Elphaba and Elsa, but she was only Elsa's voice actor.

    Actor Role in Wicked Role in Frozen
    Caissie Levy Elphaba (U) Dec 2006 - Oct 2007 - B, Elphaba (S) Nov - Dec 2007 - LA, Elphaba (M) Jan - May 2008 Elsa (M) Feb 2018 - Feb 2020- B
    Patti Murin Glinda (M) Aug 2012 - Feb 2013 - 1st NT Anna (M) Feb 2018 - Feb 2020- B
    Alyssa Fox Elphaba (S) Feb 2016 - Jun 2017 - B Elsa (S) - B
    Caroline Bowan Elphaba (U) Nov 2011 - Aug 2012 - B, Elphaba (M) Dec 2014 - Sept 201…

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  • EdwardJacobBella

    Backstage Vlogs

    October 20, 2019 by EdwardJacobBella

    I'm that a lot of you have seen the Backstage Vlogs for Broadway.Com. In case you don't know, they are called Fly Girl, Think Pink, Fiyero Time, Call Me Madam and A Little Sparkle.

    I want to know which one is your favourite, favourite part in an episode, and who is your favourite host. They don't have to be for the same vlog.

    Here is a little info, just in case you don't know.

    Fly Girl - Lindsay Mendez - Elphaba

    Think Pink - Kara Lindsay - Glinda

    Fiyero Time - Jonah Platt - Fiyero

    Call Me Madam - Sheryl Lee Ralph - Madam Morrible

    A Little Sparkle - Amanda Jane Cooper - Glinda

    Which character do you think should host the next one? My opinon is it should be another Elphaba since we have had two Glindas.

    EdwardJacobBella (talk) 20:21, October 20, 2019…

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  • EdwardJacobBella

    Wicked the Moive

    October 19, 2019 by EdwardJacobBella

    As you know there will be a movie version of Wicked coming out next year.

    So I would like to know who you think should be cast in the movie.

    I will start off with Lea Michelle as Elphaba. My reasoning being that I can totally see her in the role being since she did play Idina Menzel's daughter in Glee and she has sung Elphaba's most famous song, Defying Gravity. Lea Michelle did admit in an interview she has been mistaken for Idina Menzel.

    There are rumors that both Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth will be in the movie. I'm not sure what roles they would play if they are in it though.

    It is also rumoured that Amanda Seyfried wants to play Glinda.

    So who do you think will cast in the movie?

    EdwardJacobBella (talk) 21:25, October 19, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Lisztomania

    A Year Ago Today

    June 10, 2018 by Lisztomania

    A year ago today I saw Wicked in Boston with the amazing Jessica Vosk and Ginna Clair Mason! It literally changed my life because I was realy weird before seeing it and didn't really know what I wanted to do with my life and now I know where I want to do in life. 

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  • Lisztomania

    Some Fanfic

    April 7, 2018 by Lisztomania

    I adjusted my laptop case strap as Nessa and I walked through the airport. It was about a million degrees out and I burn very easily. I spotted a sign being held up across from baggage claim that read, "Thropp".

    "Come on Nessa." I called to my sister. I stopped and waited for her to catch up. Nessa walked as fast as she could her bag slung over her shoulder. It started to slip and I helped her push it back into place.

    "Thanks." She said quietly. I continued walking and went to the baggage claim and grabbed our suitcases. I pulled them along to the people who were holding the "Thropp" sign. It was a family of blondes. A man of medium height was a little taken aback by my eyes, very pale blue and piercing. He offered me his hand.

    "Hello. Nessar…

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  • Wildesheer

    Wicked Moie 2017

    February 20, 2017 by Wildesheer

    There is a rumor of a Wicked movie being made and I wonder if it will be done in the same way as Les Misérables.

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  • Wickedmurphy

    Not precisely Wicked related (although they do mention Wicked in the article), I just read this article from a CUNY blog about how "Hamilton: The Musical" may have altered our U.S. currency... Very interesting (and quick) read...

    Can A Broadway Show Change History?

    It's great to see Broadway musicals get such a widespread attention, even if its not our beloved Elphaba...

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  • Wickedmurphy

    So I recently discovered the Wicked Wiki and I've been clicking around voraciously enjoying myself.  Through one of my random click streams I landed on this news announcement from the featured Blog "Innuendo and Outuendo" about an alleged Wicked performance in Bryant Park, NYC:

    Much to my dismay it was not an announcement about a performance to come but one that had already passed.  Perhaps I'm out of the loop because I was certainly not informed of this beforehand!  I live just a few minutes away from Bryant Park also, so I'm very sad that I missed it!  Well, at least I have some youtube clips that get my fix...

    I'm going to do some more scouring o…

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  • Clg333

    Design of the Main page

    December 7, 2015 by Clg333

    Hey, somebody shall "update" the main page! The layout is not the best, even at the top of the page!!! cause Admin permission is needed, I can´t do this.

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  • Clg333

    German Wiki extension?

    November 21, 2015 by Clg333

    Hey Wikianer, what do you think of an extension, like all articles in German and English? (Background information: I´m from Germany, so my English is not the best...)
    let me know it in the comments!

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  • Ashley Brown

    Favorite Glindas

    January 27, 2015 by Ashley Brown

    Since I did a picture set of my favorite Elphies, her best and only friend should be recognized as well:

    What better way to start the list than to pick the veteran of Glindas. Katie Rose Clarke is my favortie as she has been with the show for 5 years and has worked with 2 of my favorite elphies: Willemijn Verkaik and Lindsay Mendez. Katie has be known to the "Cat Fight Girl" in the show for me as she has been grazed before and one who has also grazed her is Mendez. Katie was in another blog with fellow Wicked Alumni, Andy Karl and stole Lindsay's camera during the Fly Girl episodes. If any long term girl deserves a bubble dress, crown, and wand, it's this Glinda.

    While this is an after photo, Alli Mauzey is another Glinda that is special. Al…

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  • Ashley Brown

    Favorite Elphies

    January 27, 2015 by Ashley Brown

    Since I have now become a fan of the show and have seen Wicked, I have done some research and found some Elphies that I like:

    Lindsay Mendez is my first favorite Elphie. Since being in the show from late 2013-Feb 22, 2014, Mendez went from being famous as Rose in Dogfight to Godspell. Lindsay did a 11 episode blog known as Fly Girl and is a favorite Elphie of mine.

    Tied for second is Kerry Ellis and Willemijn Verkaik. Both girls have done the show in the UK. Verkaik has done Wicked on Broadway in New York and co-starred with veteran Glinda, Katie Rose Clarke. Both girls were on the Wicked soundtrack for either the 5 anneversay or deluxe version. It's hard to choose given that these wonder girls have given the fans overseas and in the US some…

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  • EvDix

    My Favourite Elphabas

    January 26, 2015 by EvDix

    Yeah, so this is my first blog post and I really have no idea what to do, so I thought this would be interesting. I haven't seen many of them and am judging only from video clips.

    Broadway - Willemijn

    Broadway S/B - Donna

    Broadway U/S - Brandi

    1NT - Donna

    1NT S/B - Marriand

    1NT U/S - Carla

    Chicago - Ana

    Chicago S/B - Jennifer

    Chicago U/S - Vicki

    London - Willemijn

    London S/B - Kerry

    London U/S -Ashleigh

    LA - Eden

    LA S/B - Vicki

    LA U/S - Marcie

    Germany - Willemijn

    Germany Alt. - Sabrina

    Germany U/S - Roberta

    Australia - Jemma

    Australia S/B - Carmen

    Australia U/S - Zoe

    Japan - Megumi

    San Fran - Eden

    San Fran S/B - Felicia

    San Fran U/S - Alyssa

    2NT - Vicki

    2NT S/B -  Christine

    2NT U/S - Laurel

    UKT - Nikki

    UKT S/B - Jemma

    UKT U/S - Zoë

    Mexico - Danna

    Seoul - Hye-Na


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  • Ashley Brown

    What I got from the play is this: Glinda, the good witch comes and she gives reassurance to the good people of Oz that Elphaba, the wicked witch of the west is dead. One of the munchkins speaks out of a rumor that Glinda knew the witch, while Glinda admitted to knowing the green witch, it was an accident that the two became friend. Explaining that long before the events pertaining to the wizard of oz took place. Elphaba was born into a normal family, but had green skin from a potion that her mother drank. Sometime later, Elphaba's mother had a daughter, Nessarose, but she was born paralyzed. Both girls possessed magic, but Elphaba possessed a special type a magic when provoked or in danger, can occur. When the girls attended Shiz, a …

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  • Ashley Brown


    November 1, 2014 by Ashley Brown

    Oct. 31st is almost over and I did something that I never did before. I dressed up as Elphaba and passed out candy. Sadly, no Glinda, Fiyero, Boq, Lion, Wizard, or Nessarose turned up, but I had fun.

    This is me as Elphaba...May do this again, but may do more than just the face

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  • Ashley Brown


    October 23, 2014 by Ashley Brown

    After seeing Wicked and have listen to a few songs from the play and Broadway version. I found one song with a number that was odd to me.

    Wonderful struck me as an odd number. While it's cool that Elphaba and the Wizard forgot what set Elphaba off, it's weird that they would break into a dance at a certain point in the number.

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  • Orangebirdy82

    Cool Pics

    October 19, 2014 by Orangebirdy82

    Are people born wicked?

    I wanted to talk about each of this image, and what they might mean to Oz fans like myself, and if they have meaning, help you realize something, or are just funny and cool. Let us start with Are people born wicked?.This of course is a quote made by Glinda in No One Mourns The Wicked. I do not believe that Elphaba was born wicked, I believe that she had wickedness thrust upon her in the sense that it was how people treated her that made her wicked, not the way her initial character was when she was first brought into existence.

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  • AwesomeOrange89


    September 15, 2014 by AwesomeOrange89

    Hey guys! My name is Chad AKA AwesomeOrange89. I want to adopt this place and become the Bureaucrat. When I become the bcrat I will work on community first. I will open up the Message Walls and Forums, that way we can better communicate with each other. I will also be in chat a lot more in hopes that we can get to know each other. Another thing I will do is enable "Maps" that way we can map Oz and the school. I will also work on a lot of the homepage and introduce a new theme. Above all, we will finally have an active staff member. I hope you support my adoption request, post your support below!

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  • Missgalinda

    I'm going to see Behind the Emerald curtain on April 12, 2014 at the Gershwin Theater! I'm "thrilled to shreds" (Madame Morrible's words). 

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  • Wickedfan

    Elphaba review

    March 18, 2014 by Wickedfan

    Hello fellow Wicked lovers! I'm new here so I'm going to start out with writing a review about Alison Luff. Who I believe is the best Elphaba. I'll start at the begining:

    Alsion Luff is currently starring as Elphaba Thropp on the 1st national tour along side Gina Beck as Glinda. I saw her in Boston three times, with Jenn Gambatese as Glinda. And in RI with Gina Beck. Though recovering from a sickness while into Boston, all three times Alison Luff stunned all of us in the audience as the green girl in Oz. i heard a person sitting next to me say after she sung "Defying Gravity" say "Move over Indina Menzel, someone has taken your place." Almost everyone around him agreed, myself included. Alison showed the true emotions of Elphaba. After Chis…

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  • Elphabalover101

    EEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK!!!!!! You'll probably never believe this, but my choir recently had the privelege of singing with the one and only STEPHANIE J. BLOCK!!!!!!!!!!! It was the most amazifying experience of my life! Stephanie walked onto that stage and room literally just lit up (Or was that just in my head?). I couldn't stop smiling the whole time, and I was actually crying tears of joy half the show (Which caused me to not sing as well as I normally could). Unfortunately, I was not able to get an autograph, but it was still the greatest day of my life!

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  • Elphabalover101

    Christine Dwyer

    March 13, 2014 by Elphabalover101

    Christine Dwyer just took over the role of Elphaba on Broadway from Lindsay Mendez, and she is AWESOME! I can't see why she was only a Standby when she is obviously SO talented! I found a recording of all the songs in Wicked on her first performance as Elphaba, and she's incredible! There are a ton of optional riffs in all of the Wicked songs, but few are ever used, especially by one specific actor. Well, Christine Dwyer uses so many riffs, some of the riffs she used I didn't even know existed! And what's ever cooler, she totally rocks all of them! Just listen to the recordings, and you'll understand her awesomeness!

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  • BatBiscuit101
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  • Supzane


    April 15, 2013 by Supzane

    I saw Wicked in March of 2013 right before the cast switched out. :)

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  • Cloverbianithy

    Character Actor
    Elphaba Thropp Lea Michell
    Glinda Upland Ashley Tisdale
    Fiyero Tigelaar Liam Hemsworth
    Boq Adam Sandler
    Nessarose Thropp Jenna Leigh Green
    Madame Morrible Julie Andrews
    The Wizard James Franco
    Doctor Dillamond

    Frexpar Thropp Alan Dale
    Melena Thropp Mandy Moore

    Any Suggestions?

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  • Cloverbianithy


    April 2, 2013 by Cloverbianithy
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  • Wickedmusical

    Have they announced who is going to be the next Elphaba once Willemijn leaves Broadway? 

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  • Jtrox


    January 23, 2013 by Jtrox

    My cousins and I just recently saw Wicked in December, and I instantly fell in love with it! I'm basically OBSESSED! We're even created our own Wicked Production! CASTING... So, ya...

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  • BroadwayHopeful23


    August 9, 2012 by BroadwayHopeful23

    Recently my internet became disabled and I couldn't use it for a few days. I then read that Louise Dearman was returning to Wicked as Elphaba! I was so excited to see what she would bring to the role. until I realized NO MORE TUCKMAN! She will be replacing Rachel Tucker so they won't be able to work together :( I'm sure Louise'll be an awesome Elphie :)

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  • Jordan110Farrell

    Okay well I've just read Book 3 of the Wicked Series and I realised there is a sever Lack of talk about Trism Bon Clavish, who is one of my favourite Characters. I haven't read the Fourth One Yet, so if someone could tell me if he returns without Spoliers, or what people think has happened to him, that would be great!

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  • TheGreenWitch


    April 19, 2012 by TheGreenWitch

    Nothing to do right now except surf the web. I'd listen to wicked right now but i'm too lazy to turn it on. I'm also to lazy to grab a notebook and write. So i'll be reading stuff off fanfiction for a while. Ciao

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  • Lego Ninja Turtle

    Fellow Ozians, let us put aside our internet wanders and my updates!

    Heyo, this beith Lego Ninja Turtle, THE one and only, here. I just wanted to share a few events and such of my own.

    So, for starters, I saw Wicked for the FIRST TIME yesterday in NYC! It was wonderfully fantastic! I also did take the Behind the Emerald Curtain Tour. There was MUCH fangirling over Idina and Kristen's dresses! I was mouthing the words to all the songs and shivering with excitement the entire time. The best part was that the show helped give me an idea of what I want to do with my life: be an actress (preferably Elphie on Broadway). So, yay! I've been unsure of what I actually want to do someday, although it is true I have plenty of time to …

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  • Silent Fire Light

    Wicked themed!!! Awesome!!!

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  • Bookworm1138

    Wicked and Metal

    December 20, 2011 by Bookworm1138

    I don't know who's really going to pay much attention to this, since it seems that nobody else in the Wicked fan-dom likes heavy metal music. But here's for trying.

    As far as metal songs that have stuck out profoundly in relation to Wicked, the Metallica song "The Frayed Ends of Sanity" has always, in my opinion, been associated with book Elphaba, since she actually did go insane towards the end. In that same vein, the Diamond Head song "Am I Evil?" (famously covered by Metallica) seems to go well with Liir. "Bible Black" by Heaven and Hell seems to fit in well with the idea that the Grimmerie is a little more sinister than typically portrayed, but that's tipping into fanon rather than strictly canon like the first two.

    On a more heroic or optimi…

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  • EmeraldStars333


    December 2, 2011 by EmeraldStars333

    ok i know its old news but i just found out annaleigh ashford is playing maureen (spell check? :P) in the off broadway revival of RENT! im excited cause annaleigh is one of my fave Glindas' yay!!!!!!!

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  • Silent Fire Light

    It's Official!!!!

    November 30, 2011 by Silent Fire Light

    Oh my Ozdust!!!!!!!!!!

    Wicked has announced to be coming to my hometown for the first time!!!!

    The contract is being finalized for winter 2012 for one of the touring compaines at the concort hall!!!!!!!!

    • dies*
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  • Silent Fire Light

    Oh my Oz, I'm so sorry that it took me so long to get on, but I want to wish everyone a very WICKED HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Congratulotions to everyone who has made this possible from the production managers to the cast to all of the fans out there!!!!!!!! Please leave your support below!

    I'll post the Wicked Ultimate Encore as soon as it comes out on youtube.

    Edit: OH MY OZDUST, IT'S ON!!!! See below!!!!

    And you can see Stephen Schwartz in the chorus!!!!

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  • Silent Fire Light

    Wicked Day 2011

    October 12, 2011 by Silent Fire Light

    Okay, so you all know that Wicked's 8th anniversery is coming up soon, right? So, I was on Innuendo and Outuendo and they announced that Wicked will have an Ultimate Encore, which will air after the Sunday matinee. Check it out!:

    The only requriement is to like Wicked the Musical page on Facebook. Anyone interested, leave a comment!

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  • Bookworm1138

    Wicked fan-fiction Update

    September 18, 2011 by Bookworm1138

    The two interim fan-fics that I've promised are on ice so to speak. They may not appear yet, but its a definite that they will eventually.

    Right now I'm heavily bogged down trying to write the ones featured below...

    • Of Saints and Sinners
    • The Life and Times of a Jedi Outcast
    • A Musician's Fan Fiction

    The top two are original ideas, the one featuring the ancient past of Oz while the third featuring a 'band' fic, with the characters in a music band. The middle one is a cross-over of Star Wars and Wicked (because only I can do that and do it well! lol).

    As much as it sounds like whoring my wares, I ask you to read, review and, possibly, suggest ideas for these stories and/or future ones.

    Thank you and keep on Defying Gravity!

    Bookworm1138 00:48, September 1…

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  • Silent Fire Light

    No Good Deed songfic up next! Hope you like it!


    No they didn’t take him away, sweet, blundering Fiyero, he can’t be gone!






    Please let this be the spell to save Fiyero. I could feel the magic building its force field around me, each pulse getting stronger.












    How could this of all gone so wrong? Everything was fine, until…. Until…..





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  • Silent Fire Light

    So, I promised SingsongRandom that I would post up some fan fictions now, so I decided to go with this one. I think I might do No Good Deed next. I would really love some feedback, anything to make this writing better, what you liked about it, and how much you liked the story from, maybe a scale from 1-100 with 1 being absolutly hated so much that you couldn't get past the first few paragraphs, to 100 which means that this was very easy and enjoyable to read. Thanks!!! (And you can use it to get that blog badge. :)





    IS DEAD!


    Their cries could be heard from miles away. I didn’t want to face the O…

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  • Silent Fire Light

    Fan Fictions?

    August 19, 2011 by Silent Fire Light

    Okay, so since I have a new account, I can now post fan fictions here. Any ideas?

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  • SingsongRandom

    First Blog Post

    August 17, 2011 by SingsongRandom

    Trying out this blog for the first time...Heehee! Cool!

    Talk to you later, Fellow Ozians!

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  • Mousetalon


    August 15, 2011 by Mousetalon

    You can now earn badges! Any opinions/ideas?

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  • Mousetalon

    Where are the admins?

    October 8, 2010 by Mousetalon

    I know the first one is JACK5555, but he hasn't contributed since July, and I'd like to see this Wiki get some serious organizing and cleaning up. Mousetalon 18:11, October 8, 2010 (UTC)

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