Candle Osqa'ami is a Quadling girl who was left at the Cloister of St. Glinda by her uncle with a promise to return in a year or so. She would later marry Liir, and have a daughter named Rain.

She is a character featured exclusively in the novels, appearing in Son of a Witch and Out of Oz.

Son of a Witch

Candle appears as a young novice at the Cloister of St. Glinda. She is tasked by the maunts to ease a dying man's passage into death. Using an instrument called the Domignion which is unique to Quadling people, she actually nurses Liir back to life but not before sleeping with him in his comatose state, which leads to her getting pregnant. After he wakes up, the pair hid at the Apple Press Farm thanks to some guidance from Mother Yackle. When soldiers come looking for Liir, Candle serves as a diversion in order to keep their daughter, Rain, safe, hoping that Liir would get there in time to save their child. Eventually they were reunited and hid their daughter at the home of Glinda where they disguised her skin color