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I live a quiet life down here ... I could go northstairs if I could trust a soul, but I don’t trust a soul. And the minute the selfish bastards up there remember their relatives down here, if they ever do, I’ll be hamstrung before morning and bled by noontime. I’ve never felt I could leave my post, but especially not now. Not if I want to survive through these interesting times.
— Chyde to Liir and Shell[src]

Chyde is the under-mayor of Southstairs, a prison below the Emerald City.

Son of a Witch

Chyde takes Liir to find Nor, however, they learn that Nor has recently escaped, by hiding in the carcasses of some recently slaughtered Horned Hogs.

His assistant Jibbidee, an elf, later escapes from Southstairs and ends up serving drinks at a tavern in Strumpet Square.

Out of Oz

Chyde has a cameo appearance at the end of the novel emerging from Southstairs as one of the Emperor Shell‘s attendants before the parlay between Shell and Mombey takes place. Chyde is made to carry the Ozma scepter while Avaric Tenmeadows is to carry the crown.


Chyde is a sallow man with skin soft and pale as bleached linen; looking as if he hadn’t seen the sun in many years. He has a fondness for jewels, as he wears multiple rings on every finger, even his thumbs: like a fence for stolen jewels.