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The Cloister of Saint Glinda was a Unionist mauntery located on the border of the Emerald City, Gillikin and Munchkinland, near Lady Glinda's Mockbeggar Hall and the lake Restwater.

In addition to serving as a recluse for maunts, it also takes in travelers, providing them with a place to rest on their journey. The cloister is under the patronage of the revered Saint Glinda (not to be confused with Glinda Arduenna Upland).

Between the events of A Lion Among Men and Out of Oz, the mauntery is partially destroyed in a skirmish between the Emerald City and Munchkinland. Therefore, the maunts relocated to a nearby farm house to practice their faith.

Permanent Residents

The Maunts; several of them, including:

Notable guests


  • Due to the Cloister‘s near proximity to Quadling Country, the establishment takes on its fair share of Quadling novices deemed too plain or unruly for marriage, or too dull for the mild professions.