Emily Tierney, is a British actress and singer from Hampshire, England, who attended Chichester high-school.

She played Glinda in the 1st official UK tour of Wicked, along side Ashleigh Gray, as Elphaba.

Previously she was in the West-End ensemble for Wicked.

Prior to playing Glinda in Wicked, she also debuted the character in Andrew Lloyd Webber's revival of 'The Wizard of Oz'.

Emily originally was offered an audition for Elphaba, but upon turning up to the audition, asked the panel to consider her for the role of Glinda instead, as that was her 'dream role.' Tierney was firstly not allowed to audition for the role of Glinda due to the upper height limitation of 5ft6' and Emily being approximately 5ft8' however after seeing her perform the role, they made reconsiderations. Due to this Tierney wears shorter heels and a smaller crown to allow her to fit inside the mechanical bubble Glinda travels in.

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