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Do you want to distract me from holy work today? We're facing the presence of real evil in Rush Margins. I couldn't live with myself if I ignored it.
— Frex to Melena, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

Frexspar the Godly is a Munchkinlander Unionist minister and the believed father of Elphaba, as well as the biological father of Nessarose and Shell, Elphaba's half-sister and half-brother.


In the first portion of the first novel, Frexspar lives in Rush Margins as a Unionist minister, apparently from a long line of clergymen. He married Melena Thropp, the heiress to the noble Thropp family. A devout man, he attempted to keep his followers from magic and especially from the Clock of the Time Dragon. However, his attempts led to him being humiliated by the Clock and assaulted, on the same night that his daughter Elphaba was born. This incident apparently ruined his reputation as a minister. He is originally depressed over Elphaba's skin, but comes to love her after she has grown up. He takes to a hermetic life after Elphaba's birth, but returns around the time Turtle Heart appears, and becomes his lover. While awaiting the birth of Nessarose, he and his family were forced to flee to Colwen Grounds, where Turtle Heart is sacrificed to the Clock. The guilt of losing the glassblower led him to become a missionary to Quadling Country. His missionary work has limited success, and he even stoops as low as using Elphaba's skin condition and singing talent to his ends. He also favors Nessarose over his other children. At some point he has a son but after his birth Melana dies. When his daughters have gone to Shiz University, he apparently takes on a quest to find Ozma Tipperatius, though this fails, and he sends Nessarose the magic slippers, which he made using skills he learned from Turtle Heart.

By the time of Nessarose's ascension as Eminent Thropp, Frex is retired and living with her and Shell at Colwen Grounds. He tries to make Elphaba take the Eminent position from her sister, stating that she has the birthright, but she refuses as she believes he just wants her to take the blame if Nessarose does something wrong. He later is devastated by Nessarose's death.

He dies later on, though his death is not shown. It most likely occurred sometime during Son of a Witch.