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Heart-of-Mushroom is a Quadling mushroom trader and later Supreme Glaxony of Quadling Country. He appears exclusively in Out of Oz.

Out of Oz

Whilst selling mushrooms, Heart-of-Mushroom is met by Rain, Brrr, Ilianora, and the rest of the company of the Clock of the Time Dragon as they wandered into the Quadling Country to escape the armies of the Emperor. He informs the company that if they are of enemies of the Emperor Apostle he will not turn them in, as the Emperor’s men are not welcome in Quadling Country. He also tells them that if they venture south to Qhoyre they should stay on the Yellow Brick Road for safety; In Qhoyre they will not be followed by soldiers either.

Heart-of-Mushroom also informs them that they will have safe passage through Quadling Country due to Rain bearing the appearance of a rafiqi; guaranteeing them not to be shot by Quadling natives mistaking them to be allies of the Emperor.

He later appears at the end of the novel as part of the Quadling delegation at the summit in the Emerald City after the city was attacked by Mombey’s dragons. During the parley taken place between Mombey and the Emperor, Heart-of-Mushroom identifies himself as the Supreme Glaxony of Quadling Country.


Heart-of-Mushroom has dark, ruddy colored skin and long, lanky hair piled on his head, kept up with knitting needles. He wears little to no clothing; only a loincloth. Whilst selling mushrooms, he carries them in a basket latched to his back.