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Iskinaary is a Goose and a member of the Conference of Birds. He is described as being beautiful, vain and, (by his own estimation), intelligent.

Son of a Witch

Iskinaary follows Liir back to Apple Press Farm after the Conference of Bird's make their Witch formation over the Emerald City. At one point, he refers to himself as Liir's "Familiar".

Out of Oz

He becomes something of a protector of Rain, going so far as to follow her out of Oz, finding her food and water as she tries to reach the mythical sea and beyond.

The Brides of Maracoor

Iskinaary, along with Rain, would wash up on the shores of Maracoor Spot and interact with the community of “brides” living there, as well as with their overseer, Lucikles.