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Jemmsy was a soldier in the Wizard's army who was caught in his own hunting trap who became a brief friend of Brrr. He appears only in A Lion Among Men.

A Lion Among Men

One day Jemmsy was met by Brrr whilst the latter was wandering the Great Gillikin Forest. Jemmsy, who's caught in his own hunting trap that was supposed to catch Animals, implores Brrr to go to Tenniken and get help. However, out of fear and the naive belief that since this is the first person he's conversed with, making Jemmsy a friend and can't be abandoned, Brrr stays with Jemmsy until he dies.

After Jemmsy’s death, the Lion would claim the soldier’s books that lie beside him and his medal for courage to give to Jemmsy's relatives. Jemmsy and Brrr’s relationship is what begins the Lion's unhappy personage as a coward.