Wicked song titles

Wicked has 20 songs, though only 19 were featured in the soundtrack, The Wicked Witch of the East was not put in the soundtrack. Wicked's songs were composed by Stephen Schwartz.

Act I songs

  1. No One Mourns The Wicked
  2. Dear Old Shiz
  3. The Wizard and I
  4. What is This Feeling?
  5. Something Bad
  6. Dancing Through Life
  7. Popular
  8. I'm Not That Girl
  9. One Short Day
  10. A Sentimental Man
  11. Defying Gravity

Act II songs

  1. Thank Goodness
  2. The Wicked Witch Of The East
  3. Wonderful
  4. I'm Not That Girl (reprise)
  5. As Long As You're Mine
  6. No Good Deed
  7. March Of The Witch Hunters
  8. For Good
  9. Finale
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