Wicked Workshop - Making Good - Idina Menzel

Wicked Workshop - Making Good - Idina Menzel

Making Good is a song sang by Elphaba at the beginning of the show, as Elphaba embarks her journey to Shiz University. Making Good has two different versions one sung by Idina Menzel and one sung by Stephanie J. Block. Making Good was eventually cut out and replaced by "The Wizard and I".

Making Good (Idina's version)

Unlimited, think of it Nessa

The future if unlimited

And, don't laugh

But I have a vision almost like a prophecy

Nessa, you can call me crazy

True the visions hazy

But I swear some day there'll be

A celebration throughout Oz

That's all to do with me you'll see

At long long last I'm making my way

Out of here

Erase the past as of today

Clean and clear

Today I start my quest to find my special destiny

Be more then just the best I could

I'll be making good

Cause in my gut I know I can do something great

I don't know what yet but when I'm through just you wait

One day see all I've done they'll tell me you're so wonderful

We wish back then we'd understood you'd be making good

Good I'll be making good

Undertaking new inventions or discoveries

Maybe find a cure for some disease

Maybe make some great injustice cease

Or perhaps create a masterpiece

Something that astounds

Something that amazes

Something that has everybody singing my praises

The shouts of love will burn through the air

And what's more

A certain governor will be there

Claiming credit for

This magic child of his boasting how proud he is of me

For doing things the wizard would not even contemplate

So they can go ahead and laugh

'Till their sides are aching

But if I do half

What I feel in me waking

They'll be cheering after I have finished making good

No not making good

Making great

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