Manek Tigelaar is a book exclusive character featured in the first novel. He is the second son of Fiyero and Sarima and a minor antagonist towards Liir.


In the Novel

He is strong and aggressive, bullying both Irji and Nor at Kiamo Ko. His mother Sarima claims he is the kind of man Fiyero would be if he were alive and his aunts claim he is a better choice to succeed Fiyero as Prince, even if Irji is first in line. He sometimes engages in inappropriate actions, such as forcing Liir to expose himself and peeing off the side of the castle while Nor watched. He takes to bullying Liir, even leaving him trapped in the fish well, where he almost died. Elphaba knew him to be responsible and was angry. Sometime later, while entering a cave, an icicle on the cave mouth falls on him and impales his head, killing him. Unbeknownst to anyone, Elphaba had trained her eye on the icicle while angry at Manek, and so unintentionally caused it to fall. Sarima and her sisters were both devastated by his death.

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