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The mercy of Maracoor. / Today is forever.
— The commonplace exchange of Maracoor Abiding[src]

Maracoor Abiding (also known simply as Maracoor) is a sovereign nation located north of Lomar and running along the coast of the Sea of Mara which contains the island colonies of Ephraraxis Isle, the Hyperastrich Archipelago, and Maracoor Spot. The capital city of Maracoor Abiding is Maracoor Crown, home of the bureaucratic government ruled by his Magnificence, the Bvasil of Maracoor, “the Great Mara”, who rarely makes public appearances.

Geographical features of Maracoor Abiding include the Thalassic Wood, a forest outside Maracoor Crown and the location of many hamlets and villages, one such settlement being Midasoor, home of Fippios, his wife, Wife, and their many children. The couple lodged and fed Lucikles on his journey to find his family at the upland plateau of High Chora after the Skedeland attack on the capital.

The country is the primary setting for the Another Day novel series, including The Brides of Maracoor and The Oracle of Maracoor.

It is located somewhere to the southwest of Oz.