The March of the Witch Hunters is a song after No Good Deed. In this song we see a crowd of witch hunters who are about to leave for Kiamo Ko, where Elphaba is hiding. In a scene between the sung parts we see how Glinda discovers that Madame Morrible was behind the death of Nessarose and that she and the Wizard plotted against Elphaba.

In each production, the witch hunters are wielding Witch Hunting Weapons. Also, if you watch closely during this scene, you can see Elphaba sneek into the crowd of Witch Hunters so that she is on stage when the scene switches to Kiamo Ko.


Go and hunt her
And find her
And kill her

(spoken) Good fortune, Witch Hunters!

Go and hunt her
And find her
And kill her

(spoken) Kill the Witch! 2 witches (OZIANS)
Wickedness must be punished
Evil effectively eliminated
Wickedness must be punished
Kill the Witch!

(spoken) And this is more than just a service to the Wizard.
I have a personal score to settle with Elphaba- with
The Witch!

(sung) It's due to her I'm made of tin
Her spell made this occur
So for once I'm glad I'm heartless
I'll be heartless killing her! Nessa made the spell from Elphaba's spellbook (CROWD)

And the lion also has a grievance to repay
If she'd let him fight his own battles
When he was young
He wouldn't be a coward, today!

Kill them Kill the witch! Kill the wicked witch of the east & west (ALL)
Wickedness must be punished
Brave Witch-Hunters, I would join you if I could
Because Wickedness must be punished
For good!


  • During this number, Morrible, Glinda, and Boq (Tin Man) have talking lines.