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Miss Grayce Greyling (also spelled Grayling and Graeling) is a professor of Sorcery at Shiz University who appears exclusively in the novels.


She's a sorcery teacher at Crage Hall of Shiz University and is descried as being very young and overly enthusiastic, but incompetent. However, she’s friendly and her failures inspire the girls in her class to be willing to try their own magic. It’s under her tutelage that Glinda starts developing her own considerable talent in sorcery. Miss Greyling also leads some interesting discussions on the merits of magic over science, which prompts Glinda and Elphaba to continue the debate over lunch one day.

A Lion Among Men

In A Lion Among Men, Miss Greyling is serving as the archivist at Shiz University. She is met by Brrr who is sent to her for information on Madame Morrible for a government task. She found him the name of Yackle, which would lead him to the Cloister of Saint Glinda.

Out of Oz

In Out of Oz, Miss Greyling, living as a harridan/hermit in the Disappointments, hardscrabble terrain south of Mockbeggar Hall near the outbacks of Quadling Country, meets the company of the clock. She notices that The Clock of the Time Dragon is slowly dying and losing it’s power. She also reveals to the company that the Emperor has banned magic in Oz. Rain mistakes her for a bird woman because of her clothing.

Later, she is interrogated and tortured by Emerald City soldiers as to the whereabouts of the clock but manages to send Dosey the Wren to warn them.


Brrr describes her as being nuts, a stoic in sensible shoes. He deduces that her credentials were dubious, though notes that she was devoted, yet flustery.


  • When Brrr asks if her last name is spelt with an "a" or an "e", she says it is interchangeable but has changed her last name to "Graeling" to be more consistent.