Mister Boss is a dwarf who claims to be an immortal being sent to Oz to prevent the Grimmerie from returning to Earth. He owns and operates the Clock of the Time Dragon.

In Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, he first appears in Rush Margins, operating the Clock of the Time Dragon while Frexspar The Godly protests against it.

He later appears at the door of the Philosophy Club with Yackle.

His final appearance in "Wicked" comes during "the Matter of Dorothy Gale," granting Elphaba a private audience with the Time Dragon, revealing her ancestry.

In Out of Oz, he becomes part of the "accidental family" for Rain, although he loses none of his blunt attitude. He eventually marries Sister Apothecaire (calling her Little Daffy) after she leaves the mauntery. He has strong feelings towards the Clock of the Time Dragon and is deeply upset when it refuses to speak to him anymore. After its destruction he becomes very silent, which most of the characters pick up on, but thanks to his wife he manages to gain a new sense of purpose. He travels with Brrr to Munchkinland to rescue Dorothy Gale.


"Who's in a Hurry? Not me. I can't see the army approaching through that high window, I'm too short, so I'm totally unconcerned. I think I'll sit here and teach myself to count in a foreign language. One, two, three, fuck, fuck, six, seven, eight, nine, fuck."
— Mister Boss


"A certain young scholar of Shiz, Right before a philosophy quiz, Guzzled splits of champagne so that he could declaim: I drink, and therefore I is."
— Mister Boss
"A sweet, cultivated young winkie

Could do civilized things with her pinky, Which excited young men, Who cried "Do me again!" Though the pinky emerged somewhat stinky."

— Mister Boss
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