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Mister Mikko is an Ape and a former history teacher at Shiz University, before being fired for being an Animal. He is a character exclusive to the novels.


In A Lion Among Men, Mikko, having been fired from Shiz University, is living in Rush Margins on the outskirts of Munchkinland with colleague Professor Lenx. They both having taken up residence in the old cottage of Frexspar and Melena Thropp. The two briefly interact with Brrr, and discuss current events and past events. They soon rile Brrr up to retrieve money from the banks of Oz for them. The Lion soon becomes a broker for Animals, retrieving their money that is held in the banks since before they were forced to leave Oz.

In Out of Oz, Mikko is met by Brrr in a reading room in Bright Lettins. He reveals that Professor Lenx died some years ago and helps the Lion rescue Dorothy and later, return her back home.