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Munchkinland (later known as the Free State of Munchkinland) is the eastern quadrant of Oz.

People hailing from Munchkinland are called Munchkinlanders, but are sometimes pejoratively referred to as Munchkins because of the usual small stature of the lower classes.


Munchkinland is the corn belt of Oz, geographically a vast province filled with huge farmlands, known as the "Corn Basket" and small towns and villages scattered all around, the famous Yellow Brick Road runs all over the region from the town of Center Munch to the southern gate of the Emerald City, known as the Munchkin Mousehole, just outside a forested area known as the Pine Barrens; there are also some lakes, such as Mossmere, Illswater and Restwater, the biggest lake of the nation and the birthplace of the Munchkin River that runs along the road and between the corn fields, the Madeleines (home of Muhlama H'aekeem and the Ghullim) at the west make the natural border with Gillikin and the mountainous hills within the Quadling Kells are the borders of the southern Quadling Country, The mines of The Glikkus are located directly north.

Munchkinland is made up of regions spread out around the province, these include Nest Hardings, Wend Hardings, Nest Fallows, and Wend Fallows.


The Eminent Thropp of Munchkinland (The Free State of Munchkinland)

Munchkinland is the birthplace of Elphaba and Nessarose, the Wicked Witches of the West and East respectively. Elphaba had the birthright of being the Eminent Thropp, but after Elphaba flees from the public, her father names Nessarose the successor. Later, on account of her harsh theological measures and for the use of sorcery to control her subjects, Nessarose would become the sole leader of Munchkinland, the Eminence of Munckinland.

The burning of a grange where opposition meetings were taking place, a reported rape of a couple of Munchkinlanders maidens following a cotillion of the Wizard’s army garrisoned near Dragon’s Cupboard, a Massacre at Far Applerue, and the heavy taxation on farms crops had been “the last straw” as far as Nessarose was concerned. At Colwen Grounds, she communicated her revolutionary outrage through a letter directly towards the Wizard and addressed the senior men among the farming communities and kept her religious agenda in check, and in the end, there was a unanimous approval for secession. Declaring Munchkinland‘s independence, Nessarose would have the province break away from Loyal Oz, establishing the Free State of Munchkinland.

However, Nessarose began instating new laws to prohibit Animals and informed her people to destroy the yellow brick road and other passages into Munchkinland. She soon became known by her subjects as a tyrant, the totalitarian “Wicked Witch of the East”. During her reign in Munchkinland, despite her religious convictions, Nessarose allows certain ancient practices to take place – including ritualistic sacrifices, rumoured to even include those of animals and humans. In addition, despite originally having been opposed to magic on religious grounds, her reign as Eminence finds her practicing sorcery (though she still claims to be a devout Unionist, referring to her spells as "miracles in the honor of the Unnamed God"). Her justification for performing such cruel actions is that she is so "righteous" as to do whatever she deems fit.

The Munchkinlanders rejoiced after Nessarose's death, caused by Dorothy's house crushing her, but they soon moved on to attack the troops of the Emerald City and Loyal Oz.


In the Wicked Years it is stated that pre-secession Munchkinland was controlled by about a dozen family Eminences (Thropp, Pastor, etc), though the Thropp Family is by far the most prominent; the Eminent Thropp can claim the legitimacy of rule over all of Munchkinland. Their seat of power is at Colwen Grounds located in Nest Hardings region of Munchkinland. His Eminence Peerless Thropp was Eminent Thropp for years, surviving both his children and grandchildren, until his great-granddaughter Nessarose succeeded him as Eminent Thropp. Nessarose would later consolidate her power over all Munchkinland, becoming the first "Eminence of Munchkinland". After her death, many of her ministers, particularly Nipp, the Prime Minister and temporary interim leader, claimed the title of Eminent Thropp and therefore, the title of Eminence of Munchkinland, to be extinct, though their right to do this is dubious.

In Out of Oz, the latest Eminence of Munchkinland was a witch called La Mombey, who originally held the title of Eminent Pastor of the hamlet of Old Pastoria, one of the dozen family eminences. She moved the seat of power from Colwen Grounds to Bright Lettins.

Known Munchkinlanders

  • Elphaba Thropp: Later known as the Wicked Witch of the West.
  • Frexspar The Godly: Unionist minister from Rush Margins and the husband of Melena.
  • Melena Thropp: Mother of Elphaba, Nessarose, and Sheltergod.
  • Nessarose Thropp: Eminent Thropp and Wicked Witch of the East.
  • Sheltergod Thropp: Emperor Apostle of Oz.
  • Peerless Thropp: Former Eminent Thropp.
  • Cattery Spunge: Thropp family nanny.
  • Boq: Son of Bfee.
  • Bfee: Mayor of Rush Margins.
  • Gawnett: A childhood caretaker of Boq and Elphaba.
  • Rikla, Clarinda, and Yellowgage: The children of Boq.
  • Nick Chopper: The Tin Woodsman.
  • Pfannee: School friend of Glinda Arduenna Upland.
  • Daffodil Scully (aka Little Daffy/Sister Apothercaire): Sister at the Cloister of Saint Glinda.
  • Jinjuria: General of the Munchkinland Free State army.
  • Nipp: Prime Minister of Munchkinland, later awarded title of Lord of Dragon Cupboard.