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Lord Nipp is the Prime Minister of Munchkinland, having served under the Eminences of both Nessarose Thropp and La Mombey Impeccata.


Following the death of Nessarose Thropp, the Eminence of Munchkinland, Nipp makes himself Prime Minister of Munchkinland, the interim leader of the country. To centralize control over Munchkinland, Nipp and other former ministers of Nessarose claim to Elphaba that the title of Eminent Thropp, and therefore the entire Eminency of Munchkinland, was to be revoked, fully extinct. However, this claim, and their right to do this is dubious.

Out of Oz

Nipp would later serve as Prime Minister to Munchkinland's new Eminence, La Mombey Impeccata, a sorceress chosen to lead the nation into civil war against Loyal Oz. For his service to Munchkinland, Mombey would award Nipp with the peerage title of “Lord of Dragon Cupboard”.

At the new Munchkinland capital of Bright Lettins, Nipp is made to oversee Dorothy Gale’s trial for the murders of saint Nessarose and saint Elphaba Thropp, calling it "regicide." Dorothy is imprisoned against her will and is used as a mere scapegoat who was left accountable for the deaths of the two Thropp sisters who died decades prior; a distraction for Mombey’s plan to attack the Emerald City. Nipp and the overall court case finds Dorothy guilty of all charges and she is sentenced, however, Brrr, aka the Cowardly Lion comes to her aid and rescues her from a harsh sentence, getting her out of Munchkinland before "things get ugly".


Nipp is described as being among the taller of Munchkinlanders.