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Ozma Tippetarius is the royal princess and current ruler of the land of Oz.

In The Wicked Years by Gregory Maguire, Ozma was also once known simply as "Tip", due to being enchanted into a boy by the witch Mombey in order to prevent Oz's long-lost heir to the imperial throne from being discovered.

In the Novels


In Maguire's version of the Oz universe, the lore surrounding the Ozma monarchy is discussed sporadically. A series of Ozmas previously ruled Oz for centuries and each defined with a title before the Wizard invaded the land and overthrew the monarchy in a coup d'état and ruled Oz under a strict regime.

The Wizard placed infant Ozma in the care of La Mombey, an old witch who transformed the princess into a boy named Tip, as well as slowed her aging.

Legends over Ozma Tippetarius' whereabouts included being hidden and frozen in ice in a cave, but obviously in later books, its revealed that she was magically turned into a male. Elphaba Thropp makes several remarks about Ozma in not believing in a "child savior".

Son of a Witch

Ozma Tippetarius in the form of Tip first encounters Liir while traveling with an unnamed woman (La Mombey) who jokingly offers him in exchange for Elphaba's broom, but Liir declines.

Out of Oz

Tip appears living in the boy’s dormitory as a runaway at St. Prowd’s Academy in the city of Shiz and is befriended by Rain while she is staying at the Academy. Tip and Rain fall in love during this time. His time staying at St. Prowd's comes to an end when word comes in that the Munchkinlanders may attack Shiz and that they may have gotten their hands on the Grimmerie. Tip and Rain attempt to warn the school's proctress, Ironish Clapp, but Rain is locked in her room when she criticises Ironish for not taking the threat seriously. Tip, however, anticipates this and frees her, and the two of them leave the school.

The two later flee Shiz and head for Kiamo Ko in the Vinkus, where they find out that Liir has been abducted by thugs in Mombey's employ. One night, without notice, Tip returns to Mombey hoping to secure Liir's release.

Near the novel's conclusion, Tip and Rain are reunited in the Emerald City after Mombey attacks the city with dragons, securing her victory. The two had just finished making love when Mombey performs a spell called "To Call the Lost Forward", in order to return Liir to his proper form; the spell inadvertently also restores Rain’s natural green skin and returns Tip to his true form (Ozma), revealing that Mombey has kept Ozma in the form of the boy Tip for almost a century. After this, Mombey is imprisoned the Emperor Shell willingly abdicates the throne and hands the power to Brrr as Throne Minister until the newly appointed princess Ozma comes of age to rule.