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Queen Ursaless is an old Bear and ruler of the Northern Bears who reside in the Great Gillikin Forest.

A Lion Among Men

In A Lion Among Men, Ursaless is met by Brrr, who is brought before her by fellow Bear, Cubbins. Brrr is looking for a town called Tenniken, so Ursaless informs him that to get to Tenniken, he must travel through the Cloud Swamp, a wet land inhabited by the Ozmists (ghost-like beings).


Ursaless, being the oldest of the Northern Bears, has white whiskers and a ratty coat. She is immensely tall and wears no clothes, aside from a small tiara and a sash that reads "QUALITY LIQUORS AT INSANELY LOW PRICES". Brrr also presumed that she suffers from arthritis.

Like all Northern Bears, she can speak, however, is unable to remember facts for very long. This is because as Bears get older they lose interest in the past and only live for the present.