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This is my house and I choose to hear what I want.
— Sarima, speaking to Elphaba[src]

Sarima Tigelaar the Dowager Princess of the Arjikis was the wife of Fiyero Tigelaar and mother to Irji, Manek, and Nor.

In the Novel

Sarima and her sisters were apparently pulled from a caravan so that she could marry Fiyero Tigelaar, the Prince of the Arjiki tribe. They were only children at the time of their first meeting, and it was implied that Fiyero did not love her. Later on, when they were teenagers, Sarima was watched while Fiyero went off to study at Shiz University.

After he graduated, Sarima would bear him three children: Irji, Manek, and Nor. It appears that by the time of Fiyero’s death they had grown to care for each other due to his opinions on the affair that was going on with Elphaba Thropp.

She is apparently devastated by Fiyero's death, and believes Sir Chuffrey killed Fiyero because there was a rumor that he was having an affair with Glinda. She is left to run Kiamo Ko as the Dowager Princess and care for her children and sisters. When Elphaba Thropp arrives, she refuses to hear anything of Fiyero's death, unable to face the truth, though welcomes Elphaba to stay for the winter out of hospitality; The two would later develop a trusting friendship. Later she is devastated again by her son Manek's tragic death.

When Commander Cherrystone arrives at Kiamo Ko, Sarima's sisters try, and fail, to set Sarima up with him. She and her family are, however, taken away by Cherrystone and his forces, and it is later revealed she was killed by an unknown assailant by order of the Wizard.

In the Musical

Sarima and her sister's appearances are cut from the musical. They are only briefly mentioned and not specifically by name.