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Sister Doctor is a maunt in the Cloister of Saint Glinda, and the professional rival of Sister Apothecaire, as they both specialise in medicine.

Son of a Witch

Both her and Sister Apothecaire give Liir a small chance of recovery when he arrives at the Cloister, however, the Superior Maunt sends them on a mission to talk with the Yunamata and Scrow tribes in the Vinkus to find out the culprit for the recent scrapings on missionaries, and partly to stop them fussing over the injured Liir.

Sister Doctor later is selected to become a member of a triumvirate who would govern the mauntery along with the Superior Maunt and the absent Candle.

A Lion Among Men

After the apparent death of the Superior Maunt, Sister Doctor appears as the de-facto leader of the Cloister; a sort of primus inter pares, much to Sister Apothecaire’s chagrin. Due to Cloister being the spot for an imminent skirmish between the forces of the Emerald City and that of Munchkinland, Sister Doctor leads all the Maunts to abandon the Clouster to avoid being in the crosshairs of war.

Out of Oz

Since the Cloister of Saint Glinda has been partially destroyed from the skirmish between the Emerald City and Munchkinland, Sister Doctor and the rest of the Maunts have taken refuge in a nearby farmhouse, making the house the new location of their order.

Sister Doctor is met by the company of the Clock of the Time Dragon and provides them with brief lodging and supplies for their journey.


She is described as beefy, with questionable credentials, but is an excellent diagnostician.