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The Superior Maunt was the mother superior of The Cloister of St. Glinda during the time span of the Wicked Years, having served since Elphaba's seven-year stay at the Cloister.

Son of a Witch

Upon discovering and housing the badly injured Liir at the Cloister, the Superior Maunt has Sister Doctor and Sister Apothecaire give their diagnosis for him; them both giving him a small chance of recovery.

However, to keep the two maunts from fussing over the injured Liir, the Superior Maunt sends them both on a mission to talk with the Yunamata and Scrow tribes in the Vinkus to find out the culprit for the recent scrapings on missionaries.

Later, during the siege of the Cloister, she abdicates as the sole authority of the mauntery and establishes a triumvirate consisting of herself, Sister Doctor, and the absent Candle. Soon after this, she dies of unknown causes.