She sees him coming, she sees him to come; he is to come from the air, is arriving. A balloon from the sky, the color of a bubble of blood; a huge crimson globe, a ruby globe; he falls from the sky. The Regent is fallen. The House of Ozma is fallen. The Clock was right.
— Turtle Heart regarding Elphaba forseeing the coming of the Wizard, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

Turtle Heart was a Quadling glass blower from Ovvels, who came to Munchkinland after the Wizard's army had flattened his home in Quadling Country. He came across Melena Thropp when Elphaba was very young. He, Melena, and her husband Frexspar shared sexual contact, and because of this, he had been thought of as the possible father of Melena's second child Nessarose. However, according to the family trees given in A Lion Among Men, he is indeed not the father of Nessarose, rather Frexspar is.

Turtle Heart dies when he was sacrificed by Munchkinlander farmers after a long drought. His death prompts Frexspar and Melena to leave Munchkinland for Quadling Country where would work as missionaries.


Turtle Heart was described by Melena as shy, with skin like roses at twilight and sunset red hair. He was very handsome with large ankles and thick feet and neck. His waist and shoulders were slender.